shareef profile

My name is Shareef Saadi. I was born on November 26, 1992
and raised in Nazareth, Middle East. I’m a self-taught still life &
portrait photographer. I do landscape photography as well. In
my early years, I got my first DSLR back in 2011 and it was my
dream camera. I started shooting photos around the house. I
never stopped learning photography, ‘especially’ macro
photography.I challenged myself and captured macro shots
with the equipment I had, The equipment I had wasn’t state of
the art but I kept trying. I always wanted a better professional
camera as I thought that the camera is what makes a
photograph beautiful, but I was wrong! I managed to extract as
much as I could from my camera and with the help of editing
programs I was able to showcase more and more details in all
of the images. I preferred working on Photoshop as that is what
I have been using since 2005 , I was able to reduce the time of
the editing process. Not just that, over the passage of time, I got
even better with portrait retouching on Photoshop which really
helped in improving my photography skills.