Wedding Luts (Basic)


  • Before-Muted Greens
    After-Muted Greens
    Before Muted Greens After
  • Before-Original/Flora
    Before Original/Flora After
  • Before-Muted Greens
    After-Muted Greens
    Before Muted Greens After
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You will have the following Luts

• Wedding Drama.cube
• Wedding Flora.cube
• Wedding Moody Blue.cube
• Wedding Muted Greens.cube
• Wedding Muted Yellow.cube
• Wedding Volcan Warms.cube
• Wedding Washed Greens.cube
• Neutral Contrast.cube

*NOTE* Luts are Not A magical preset that will turn your photos into perfect look,
it’s considered as a base color grading, you first need to adjust the white balance
and the exposure as much as possible then apply any kind of lut, you can use the
Neutral Contrast.cube file to add contrast for Slog2,Slog3,HLG or rec709, this will fix the flat colors.

These luts above gives overall color change with natural skin tones
this meant to change the whole image tone`

LUTS work with

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop cc
Davinci Resolve
Sony Vegas (lut loader)
Speed Grade

This lut work with none flat picture style, if you intend to use it with flat
or slog2/slog3 profile you need to add the attached “neutral contrast.cube” file

For normal picture profile use only the lut
and for

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